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Have you found the perfect retro looking telephone-microphone for your laptops, tablets and mobile phones? Do you want to experience how it feels to use the old school telephones in a modern and classy way? This might be the one for you! Retro Telephone Microphone takes you back in time!Introducing , the new Retro Telephone Microphone lets you experience using the old school telephone by just plugging it into your mobile phone, tablets, and laptops. It serves as an earphone, a microphone all in one. Features different colors to suit your classy taste. Using Retro Telephone Microphone reduces up to 99% of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of your mobile phone. Native 3.5mm jack to plug directly in your iPhone, Blackberry and latest MacBook's* (some mobile phones may need an adaptor to connect the Retro Telephone Microphone to the mobile telephone*) One touch button for pick-up /hang-up directly from the handset. Retro-styled handset in soft touch dark blue combines classic style with a contemporary edge.
Noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound.
Pick up / unplug button.
+/- button to control the volume during the call.
Luxurious soft-touch texture.
High-quality speaker and microphone.

Audio Jack / Connector: 3.5mm
3 Colors: Black, orange, pink, .
Dimensions: 9.9 x 3.7 x 3.1 inches

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