12/24 pieces/package 2.5cm*4.5m Self-Adhering

  • $29.12

Brand New and high quality.
Waterproof and breathable
Prevent muscle and joint injury
Increase body natural healing power
To avoid and prevent from the Strained Ligament
Reduce muscle fatigue and recover muscle and joint injury
Support your muscles and joints without restricting movement

Method Of Use:
If necessary, apply first layer close to the skin with gauze bandage
with a bandage around a turn first to the winding, half width of each turn to cover at least before the turn, until after wrapping.
do not bandage the last turn contact with the skin, and it should be completely cover the front turn, to ensure a good fit
dressing after remaining bandages can self-adhesive back to a roll bandage dressing and Application

Material: Non Woven Fabric
Width: 2.5cm*4.5m

Package include:12 or 24* Bandage(color is randomly selected )


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