Digital Breathalyzer Test

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 Alcohol Tester with 11pcs Mouthpieces LCD Display Digital Professional Police Alert Breath Alcohol Tester Device Breathalyzerdfd



This is a digital breath alcohol analyser tester.

 Digital alcohol test with audible alert.

 Auto power off, quick response and resume.

 The digital alcohol breath tester has a key chain, very portable to carry out. 

Pormptly and conveniently design for measuring BAC. 

A simple method to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration at anytime and anywhere.


A breathalyzer or breathalyzer (a portmanteau of breath and analyzer/analyser) is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. The breathalyzer is one of the most affordable breathalyzers available. It can be used in a wide variety of settings including clinical test applications and for personal use. Its uses advanced semiconductor alcohol sensing technology to quickly take a breath sample and provide a blood alcohol content (BAC) estimate. The lcd graphic display will indicate how inebriated you are, whether it be dangerous (over 0.05% bac), unsafe (approx. 0.02% bac) or safe (under 0.02% bac). Displays "caution" when result is within 0.02% - 0.05%, displays "danger" when result equals to or higher than 0.05%.



Color: Black&Gray

Item size: 110*70*25mm 

Battery: 2"AAA" alkaline batteries (NOT INCLUDE) 

Sensor: advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor 

Range: 0.00-0.19%BAC & 0.0-1.9g/l (or 0.00-0.95mg/l BRAC) 

Accuracy: 0.01% BAC(0.1g/l)


1 x Digital Alcohol Breathalizer Tester

21 x Breath inhaler Case    












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