High Pressure Filter Bath Shower Head

  • $29.99


-Washes away your stress while helping smooth and soften your skin/hair for great spa experience with water purifying and ionizing system.

-Helps improve skin/hair health and overall well-being.

-Purifies water by removing residual chlorine, heavy metals, impurities and bacteria with infrared mineral tourmaline beads.

-Ionizes water by releasing negative ions that increase water PH levels and soften tap water to help improve cell viability and skin hydration with negative ion tourmaline beads.

-Increase water pressure and save water by forcing water through the laser-cut 5 times smaller water holes on the stainless steel panel.

Package Included:

1*High Pressure Ionic Filter Bath Shower Head

1*User Manual


Material:ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel

Shower Head Diameter:8cm/3.15”

Hose Connection Mouth: G1/2

External Thread Diameter: 2.0cm/0.79”

Size:3.15*3.54*9.06” / 8*9*23cm

Weight: 260g/0.57lbs

Color: Blue & Clear

Package Size:10*3.31*3.39” / 25.4*8.4*8.6cm

Package Weight:276g/0.61lbs

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