Solder Sucker- Desoldering Pump

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1.Good Quality:Nano vacuum sponge for comfortable grip.
2.Stainless Steel Push Rod:The internal spring adopts the back-pull design, with strong instantaneous suction.
3.Rebound Button:Lightweight appearance, compact design, one-handed operation.
4.Double-ring Air Leakage Protection:Strong suction, easy to use, air leakage protection, oil seal design.
5.Suction Nozzle:Replaceable suction nozzle, economical, easy to operate, clean and easy.

1.The exterior grip part is made of nano-vacuum sponge, which has the functions of comfortable grip, soft texture, anti-skid and sweat absorption, etc. It will not feel fatigue when working for a long time.
2.Using double sealing ring design, the suction is twice as much as that of ordinary tin absorber, which can effectively prevent air leakage. The suction can reach 35Hg-cm.
3.Small size, light weight and portable.

Type: Semi-plastic Semi-aluminium

Semi-plastic Semi-aluminium:
Name:Semi-plastic Semi-aluminium Tin Absorber
Type:Tin Welding Maintenance Tool
Material:Semi-plastic and Semi-aluminium
Sealing Ring:Single ring
Total Length:190mm/7.48in
Tin Absorber Nozzle:15mm/0.59in
Color:Silver And Blue

Package Information:
Package Size:350x45x45mm/13.78x1.77x1.77in
Package Weight:
Semi-plastic Semi-aluminium:30g/1.05oz
General Package

Package Included:
1 x Tin Absorber

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